We are also happy to show you the tasty side of carintia. The region is famous for homemade food like bread, just like it tasted in your childhood - do you remember the smell of fresh bread in the oven?

The carintian "Kasnudel" is a kind of pasta (like ravioli) filled with cottage cheese - but it is only original if it is "krendelt" which means closed by hand. Since more than 130 years there is a small pasta factory in Finkenstein, just a few minutes drive away from our hotel, offering more than 90 different pasta variations.

Gailtaler bacon - is another specialty of our region. The mild humid winds from the Gailtaler Alps guarantee that the bacon matures smoothly. The pigs are fed mainly corn and barley and have to have to weigh at least 140 kg. The bacon has a snow white fat texture inside, and is very soft and slightly salty.

The region is also famous for its cheese. The grass fields have many different herbs growing in it, and this is responsible for the aromatic taste or the local produced milk. This special taste can also be appreciated in the gold coloured cheese of the region. This cheese is only made at 14 mountain pastures - some of them can be visited by our guests.

Just a short walk away from our house is the lemon garden of Faak. Michael Ceron grows here, over an area of 5000 qm , the largest collection of lemon fruits in austria. You can have a taste of its homemade liqueur or jam when visiting the garden.